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Working With Precision

We are confident in our corn maze work and require no long-term contracts like some companies. Our outstanding performance will result in you wanting to call us again next year for your corn maze.

Pricing depends on size, location and complexity, but corn mazes typically run $2,500-$6,000. Because integrity and accuracy are so important to our work, we prefer to only give estimates after we thoroughly understand the scope of your corn maze project.

About Our Owner

Rob Stouffer combines his Missouri farm upbringing and advanced education in business to serve a market that requires both areas of expertise. His insightful knowledge of land use and his entrepreneurial spirit will help you discover new possibilities between those stalks of corn you've been eyeing.

Rob has been using commercial grade GPS systems since 1996 and has been creating corn mazes since 2000. He prides himself in his professionalism, attention to detail and loyal clientele, who enjoy a uniquely tailored approach to each project.